Navigating Mykonos: Your Guide to Island Transport

Mykonos may be small, but it’s packed with attractions. Knowing the best way to get around can enhance your experience.

Car and ATV Rentals: If you’re comfortable driving and want the freedom to explore at your own pace, consider renting a car or an ATV. They’re available across the island, but remember to drive responsibly and always wear a helmet when using ATVs.

Buses: The island’s public bus service is a reliable and affordable way to travel. Buses connect Mykonos Town with many beaches and other points of interest.

Taxis and Private Transfers: For direct routes or late-night journeys, taxis can be a good option. Keep in mind that they can be scarce during peak season, so consider booking in advance.

Walking: Mykonos Town is pedestrian-friendly, and wandering its picturesque streets is a delight. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes!